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Explore the APIs of the Star Digital Services Platform


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This is rocket science

The APIs of the Star Digital Services Platform are designed using the latest technology to provide the best possible developer experience.


Easy access to the data you need

No matter if the data is about baggage, frequent flyers or seatmaps – you can get and integrate it to your app right away.


Thorough documentation

Digital Services Platform APIs are considered complete when their documentation is done. You’ll find everything you need to have your app up and running.

Getting started

Fear not! You don’t need to engage in neverending registration procedures to use the Star Alliance APIs. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to have an API key. You need to:

  1. Register on our portal with a username and a corporate email address.
  2. Create an app to get an API key.
  3. Subscribe to one or more APIs.

Note that we only accept registrations from our airline members and their IT partners.

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About this portal

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Digital Services Platform

The Star Digital Services Platform delivers services and data to our member airlines via standard API interfaces to improve the customer experience and make their journey more seamless and enjoyable. Using state-of-the-art API technology, the integration of these services by airline IT teams is simple, fast and effective.
The purpose of this portal is to make it easy for airline developers to find all the information they need to build powerful new applications through well-documented APIs.


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About us

Five airlines created Star Alliance as the first global aviation alliance back in 1997. We’re still pioneering – dedicated to innovation and excellent customer service, with a track record of success. So our customers experience the best of both worlds: absolute reliability coupled with constant innovation.


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