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Getting Started

Welcome to the Star Alliance Developer Portal. This portal gives you all the information you need to evaluate and integrate Star Alliance APIs into your websites, apps or systems.

Our developer portal is exclusively for the use of Star Alliance members and their IT providers. We currently do not give access to third parties, independent developers, students, etc. If you are not working for or with one of our member airlines, this is not the site for you and your account request will not be approved.

Create a user account

Signing up is simple. Just follow these steps on the sign-up page:

  • Enter your name
  • Enter your personal corporate email address
    • We do not accept generic email addresses or consumer email domains, such as gmail, hotmail, outlook, ISP-provider domains etc
  • Enter your username - this can also be your email address
  • Select the airline you are working with. Note that access to the developer portal is restricted to airlines and their IT service providers. Independent developers will not be given access
  • Enter the reason you need access to the developer portal. If possible, include the name of your contact in Star Alliance
  • Submit your application

Your application is sent to an approver at your airline. If he/she approves your request, you will receive an email from the Developer Portal. This email will contain a link to set your password.

Our APIs

Once you are logged in, you can browse our API catalogue and view all Star Alliance Digital Services Platform APIs. These APIs are developed in collaboration with and for the benefit of our member airlines. Access to the Star Alliance Digital Services Platform APIs is currently restricted to Star Alliance member airlines and their IT service providers.

Each API page includes a functional description, a technical description and a try-it-out section.

The functional description section will describe the API's functional properties as well as the purpose of the API and potential business benefits. 

The technical description section includes all the technical characteristics of the API and other design information that is useful to developers.

On the try-it-out page you will find the Swagger definition and you can try out the API. Please contact your Star Alliance Product Owner for specific instructions how to use the try-it-out page.


To integrate our APIs into your mobile or web apps, or to use an independent testing tool such as Postman, you will need a consumer key and secret. You can request a consumer key and secret on the developer portal by clicking on the "APPS" icon in the menu bar.

Consumer keys and secrets generated on the developer portal can NOT be used to access Star Alliance production systems. Production credentials are available from Star Alliance on request only.

About us

Five airlines created Star Alliance as the first global aviation alliance back in 1997. We’re still pioneering – dedicated to innovation and excellent customer service, with a track record of success. So our customers experience the best of both worlds: absolute reliability coupled with constant innovation.


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