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How can I integrate my app with an API?

You can generate a client id and client secret in the "My Apps" section of the developer portal ( Using these credentials, you must call the Authorization API to get a token. With the token, any of the Star Alliance APIs can be called. Note that tokens are only valid for 1 hour.

How do I add a new API to my profile?

Go to your profile, click on the App you need or create a new App. Then add an API you would like to use with the App.


How do I change the e-mail/password assigned to my Developer Portal account?

To reset your password, please click the “Forgot your password?” button on the login page.

To change your email address, please contact your airline's Developer Portal administrator.

How do I get my Developer Keys?

Go to the front page, scroll down and click on “My Apps” tab. Click on the App that you would like to get the Developer Keys for and retrieve the Keys. To prevent possible mistakes, we suggest you use one API with one App and one set of Keys.


What is the format of this feed?

Currently we support JSON feed format.


Where can I see all the available APIs from Star DSP?

As a registered user, you can find the all available APIs listed in the section called "Try it out!" or via this link

Where can I see the documentation of all APIs?

As a registered user, you can find the documentation of each API in the section


Where can I use the keys generated on the developer portal?

The keys generated on the developer portal are to be used only for development or testing purposes only. These cannot be used for production use.

All APIs on the developer portal are subject to throttling and other traffic controls.

Why am I getting a "401 Unauthorized" or "Invalid Access Token" error?

This error message happens when your access token is not valid.

To fix this, request a new access token by clicking on the button labelled "OAuth 2.0 Set...".

Please note: access tokens are valid for 1 hour only.

Why am I getting an API error?

As a registered user you can explore our documentation for each of the available APIs here. 

If you still have questions, please use our Contact Us form.

How do I register? / Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to register to use our Developer Portal. Once your account details are verified by your airline's administrator and your account is activated, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you are having difficulty registering or do not receive the confirmation email, please use our Contact Us form.

Does Star Alliance charge for this service?

The services are provided to Star Alliance Members free of charge.

I am not a Star Alliance Member developer. What APIs are available for me?

Access to these APIs is restricted to the members of the Star Alliance only. If you have an interest in using our APIs, please contact us by using the Contact Us form and tell us about your area of interest for possible collaboration.

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